2018 International Female Ride Day©


Here we are! It finally has arrived, the 2018  International Female Ride Day©, the 12th edition.This is the international icon that will be displayed all over the world, next May 5th. This will be a flag across all cultures on this unique day  – the first Saturday in May.
This is the world’s largest and only women motorcycle rider event which is also synchronized across all borders, all countries – worldwide! Use this flag on your club, group, and motorcycle; invite your friends, and have a blast!

There are many clubs and groups in USA organizing rides. Choose yours and let’s ride. 

Vicki Gray is the founder of this brand and logo of International Female Ride Day ©. The concept of International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) and the International Ride Day history, actually started a long time ago, by her, and finally came to reality with its introduction in Canada on that first Friday in May 2007.

It’s the sole brainchild of this spectacular rider,  Vicki, that is also the owner and founder of MOTORESS®, an avid globally known motorcycling advocate. It initially began as a national event with the intent to become an International campaign.

But in its first year, the “JUST RIDE!©” idea caught fire and went global. Women motorcycle riders in Canada, across the United States, The Netherlands and Australia joined in. Embraced by thousands of women riders made its introduction an international success.

The idea keeps growing audience everywhere, more than ten years before the first ride. Since then, every woman rider has it on her’s agenda – always at the first Saturday in May.

You can read here if you want to know more about all the IFRD history!


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