Are you afraid of spiders? This is creepy …


Actually, all bikes exposed by Browardmotorsports at last Progressive International Motorcycle Show, January 2015, were impressive. Legitimate artwork!

This one, in special, is the outlandish Nehme-sis. Even more amazing the machine, named Nehme-sis after its builder, Broward Motorsports and BMS Choppers owner Sam Nehme, was the only metric cruiser ever to compete against American machines in Rats Hole’s prestigious Over 1000cc Super Radical category. Together Nehme, Broward Motorsports and BMS Choppers of Davie, Fla. made a huge commitment in developing and building Nehme-sis.

Considering the shop’s $80 per hour flat rate, Nehme reckons there is $250,000 just in labor to handcraft the machine from the ground up – never mind the cost of parts, paint and plating. While no cost restrictions were established, there was a catch – the machine had to be designed and built within six months, a task that even the experienced Nehme found nearly impossible. The engine: Road Star Yamaha, in the back is an extraordinary 360mm rear tire.

A true delight to the eye.


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