Ballet on Harleys


They like to hone their skills behind the handlebars. But end up doing much more than that. Meet the Independent Motorcycle Skill Team.

If you’re coming to a motorcycling event and you hear the trademarked roar of touring Harleys mixed with ovations and a clap of hands, beware: you’re probably about to witness an amazing ballet on two wheels.

That’s what the Independent Motorcycle Skill Team does at their practice every Saturday, behind a small church tucked away in Dania Beach, Florida. But the religiously scheduled Saturday practice is not in vain.

The group is notorious for performing at popular events such as the Dania Beach Vintage Motorcyle Show and the Leesburg BikeFest. In the past, the group has been seen at the Orange Bowl Parade and even the Sturgis/Black Hills Rally.

Some of these riders have been performing with the group for over 10 years and they’re always happy to share their experiences with other riders, their families and kids, which are normally in awe with the tight turns and amazing choreographies these guys do on bikes that weigh well over 700 lbs.

The team’s goal is to promote advanced riding techniques and safety to the general public, including experienced riders. Each performance takes about 15 minutes , but it feels like it goes in 15 seconds.

Anyone interested in having the Independent Motorcycle Skill Team to perform at their events, can contact Jeff Clark at (954)-868-5541 or via email:


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