Big and tall motorcycles: everybody can ride


Julie from Team USA2Ride has been seeing frequently riding a BMW R1200GS from Eaglerider Motorcycles. 

It’s a tall and a big bike with a variable seat height available between 31.1 inches and 35.0 inches.So, everybody ask her how can she handle and ride this tall bike, and she often answers:

“I want to ride it and not to carry it on my back. It’s means: I definitely  can ride it but I would not be able to carry, it’s too big and heavy to do it!”

Jokes asides, we are talking about confidence and practice. Julie has a solid background as a former racing pilot, and she has skills that everybody can attain, because it’s all about taking one step at a time. This kind of adventure bike is a good option for any rider that wants to try a dual purpose bike and have fun.

Check out this article, from 2016 Women Riders Now, that gives tips on how to handle tall and big motorcycles. Julie always have fun riding these big bikes!




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