Burt Munro, the 50th Anniversary of the land speed record


Burt Munro, for all motorcycle lovers,  may ring a bell. That’s because Munro, in 1967, broke the record for 1,000 cc bikes in the famous Bonneville salt desert in the United States.

Burt Munro - USA2RideDetail: The New Zealander did this with an Indian Scout of 1920, which he himself prepared and took to the US, and he was 68 years old.

Who has never watched the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian,” a couple of times? 

In 2005, the story was portrayed in the film  starring by, also notorious, Anthony Hopkins.


Now, Lee Munro, nephew of the motorcycle legend rode with a modern Scout in the salt desert of Bonneville, 50 years after his uncle.Burt Munro - USA2RideThe model was modified by Indian Motorcycles, gaining fairings and some other changes in the clutch and engine. According to the company, the goal is not to break the record of Burt Munro, but rather mark the speed limit of a modern Indian Motorcycle. The model was named Spirit of Munro Scout.


Burt Munro - USA2Ride Burt Munro has some records:

In 1962 he had set a record of 178.971 mph, in what was called the 55 cubic-inch class that time;

In 1966, he had set a new record in the SA 1000 class, at 168.066 mph.

In 1967, he made his seventh trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats; and ratcheted the SA 1000 class record up to 184.087 mph.


All this records were set with his hand-built 1920 Indian Scout based streamliner. Burt Munro became this particularly legend in the motor-sport’s world because he overcame long odds, had fantastic mechanical skills, and even having no financial resources, he also managed to achieve his dream, what he had set out to do.

Burt Munro - USA2RideBurt Munro - USA2Ride

Burt Munro - USA2Ride

Burt Munro - USA2Ride


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