Cartel Baggers Fort Lauderdale Grande Oppening


We all love those crazy-ass baggers!! And Fort Lauderdale is now home of the new Cartel Baggers store.

Cartel Baggers is well known in South Florida for their over-the-top motorcycle customization. In other words, if you can dream it – and afford it – they can do it. And that includes your imports too.

Team USA2Ride went to visit owners Shannon Fleischman and Dana Rizzo during the grand opening of their store and had a chance to chat with the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Jack Seilor, about what it means for the city to have the newest chopper shop in town.

If you have a dream bike… Go to Cartel Baggers, Shannon can bring your dream to the reality! Usa2Ride Team is always present when the subject is passion to ride, visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twiter!!


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