Stefano at CCS – Championship Cup Series


Stefano Mesa’s victories at CCS – Homestead Miami Speedway this last weekend, June 19 was fantastic. He raced six times, six different challenges and the results were great. He got the 1st Place at GTO category, 1st Place Unlimited Supersport, 1st place Unlimited GP, 1st Place GTU, 1st Place Middleweight Superbike, and 2nd Place Unlimited Superbike.

Stefano  Mesa’s weekend at Homestead Miami-Speedway was just as hot as the weather.

On Saturday practice he went pretty well, he rode both bikes and he did pretty well with both setups, with the 1000cc, he was up to speed fast with shaggy tires. However, with the Yamaha R6 he wasn’t feeling that good but his team made a couple of adjustments and the lap times started to show up.

On Sunday races he went pretty good in his first 3 races  and he won but after noon the heat was so brutal and he wasn’t feeling good.

The last race, the 21st or “the shootout” he played smart following Bruno Silva, but in the third lap they were going into turn 2 and Bruno Silva went wide into the grass and he took the win.

Stefano CCS USA2Ride


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