Chester’s H-D Ladies Garage a huge success


Last Ladies Garage Party at Chester’s Fort Lauderdale Harley-Davidson Store was great. Judy Chester, the owner, received all ladies at the big store with many new features, good experiences, talks, some workshops, fashion show, door prizes and good music. Of course there were good food and cocktails, beverages, and much fun.

There were some speeches from a Motor Police Officer Woman, a biker cop called Emily Wiggs who talked about the skills to be a Officer riding a big bike between the traffic. She told about the responsibility, the hazards, everything. After that, the USA2Ride Co-Founder and Host Julie told to all those ladies about to be a former racing pilot, riding sportbike, more than 180mph, scraping her knee on the floor, doing her best on the tracks. Both of the speeches caught the attention of all ladies, because they have tons of adrenaline each one in so different skills and, at same time, so dangerous too.


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