Dr. John Hinds. The flying doctor has passed


Irish road racing doctor John Hinds unfortunately passed away after a crash near Dublin.The Annual Skerries 100 motorcycle road race was cancelled after the crash. The race, which is one of the most popular in the country, attracts riders from all over Ireland and abroad to north Co Dublin.

2015-05-13_lif_9491711_I3Known as the flying doctor, following the race rules, He and his partner usually complete the circuit before the race begins, and after, they follow behind the riders for the opening lap.

Dr John Hinds, from Tandragee, was part of the unique team of just two bikers-mounted medics, whose job is to get to the injured racers as fast as possible in the case of a crash.

He was an intensive care consultant and anesthesiologist at Craigavon Hospital, and he was poised to carry out emergency surgery and treatment on the roadside.

Allways with all safety gear, dressed in full leather suit, with his helmet on and his BMW S1000RR parked up strategically with radio contact, with his colleague Dr Fred MacSorley, they usually attend the races.

They both are known as “the travelling doctors”, and they are part of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland’s medical team who are backed up by response vehicles staffed by more experienced doctors and paramedics.

It is a voluntary role which Dr Hinds gives up his spare time to fulfill and which he funds largely out of his own pocket. And like a very good trauma specialist, he combines his two passions – motorbike racing and medicine, like nobody else in the world. According to him, in some interviews: “I started going to the races as a student and one thing led to another, going to the races two things impressed me – the race itself and the medical team.

As a budding doctor and a motorcyclist I felt I wanted to help and give something back to the sport. I started going as an observer and then when I qualified as a doctor, I found myself working with the team more and more.”_84055088_johnhindsmedicalkit_pacemaker




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