Drift with 200 horsepower supercharged bikes by Polaris


The American company Polaris, has just released a promotional video which puts one of its brands, the Victory, with its cruisers bikes on the track.

The company has published on its channel on youtube a video where two professional stunt riders make drifting using the brand tourism models. It was in the circuit JenningsGP, located in northern Florida, United States, Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical prove that even with sidebags and riding on a roadster style baggers, they can be quite radical, check them!

But we advise you not do that with your any motorcycle!!!

Victory Motorcycles … Check.
200 horsepower supercharged bikes… Check.
Private road race track… Check.
Professional stunt riders… Check.

Watch what you never thought was possible on an 800 pound motorcycle.



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