Electric: Did Victory beat Harley to the market?


By releasing Victory Empulse TT, Polaris Industries hits the electric motorcycle consumer market before the hyped-up Project Livewire, developed by Harley-Davidson.

This high powered street bike, that grabbed the attention of the general public after setting the American lap record at the TT of Isle of Man, reaches 100 Mph, and charges in less than 4 hours.

Victory EmpulseIn several occasions, the Harley-Davidson development team admitted that battery life and charging times had to be improved before Project Livewire would hit the market. With a range of approximately 140 miles between charges, the Victory Empulse has the upper hand, compared to Project Livewire which may need charging after 100 miles or so.

Empulse is based on Oregon-based Brammo’s design and technology. Polaris, which owns Victory and Indian Motorcycles, recently purchased Brammo, which has been developing electric motorcycles for quite some time.

The bike, with a $19,999 suggested retail price, will be at Victory dealerships by the end of the year, according to Gary Gray, product dicrector for Victory Motorcycles.


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