“Frankensbike”, a Frankenstein plus bike or a “motoskulptury”?


If it’s a sculpture, or no, or if it’s just a mix between some styles, chopper, bobber and dragster, doesn’t matter. This is a mix of a V-Twin and hard-tail bike, and a master-piece of the workshop Michael Brander. This street fighter is named the Predator.

Frankensbike, it’s the name we gave to it!  The amazing part of this bike is the unit lights and panel or dashboard:  All this electronics are installed inside a helmet Bandit!

Instrument socket integrated in the occipital part of the visor, under the glass!

And the air-brushing is an extraordinary art.

Frankensbike USA2Ride



Frankensbike USA2Ride











You can find more about this bike here.



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