Goodland: more then a good ride


Team USA2Ride is very proud to have such good friends that can wake up early in the morning and face the freezing wind and hit the road! We had a blast Sunday, in January 24th. We had a delicious breakfast at MOTOR CAFÉ, everybody chatting about the freezing weekend, so unusual here in Florida. The temperature was kind of 45 degrees, and up to north, where some friends had started the trip, around 38 degrees.

Goodland. Really cold. But when we talk about passion to ride, this problem goes away with a good gear, warm jacket, boots and gloves. Specially because we have from Motor Café, this really good destination!

Ed, from Team USA2Ride asked to the riders which one have been there, Goodland, and guess how many? Two! And we were in almost 40 bikes. They were old friends, new ones, sport bikers, cruiser bikers, adventures bikes. It was a very diverse group.

A little about the history of Goodland:
The tiny community of Goodland, located off State Road 92 at the southeast corner of the island, offers visitors a laid back charm unlike any other place in the region. The stillness of the village, where cats and dogs can be found napping in the streets, changes drastically on Sundays when hundreds of residents and visitors make the pilgrimage to Stan’s (restaurant)  for an afternoon of outdoor music, drinks and dancing.
Johnny Roberts is believed to have founded Goodland in the late 1800’s. He named it Goodland Point because it featured a 40-acre shell mound left by the Calusa Indians that was ideal for growing fruit and vegetables. It was also a great location to fish. Roberts would later sell his squatter’s rights to Samuel Alexander Pettit, around 1890.
Goodland’s isolation remained virtually intact until 1938 when State Road 92 was completed and a swing bridge installed. At that time, Pettit’s son Harry single-handedly built the winding Goodland road to the state road intersection using shells from the Calusa mounds. By 1949, the shape of Goodland would forever change with the arrival of families from nearby Caxambas. Developers moved the families to Goodland in an effort to launch ambitious building plans, which failed to materialize. Today, Goodland continues to buck the significant development changes around it. About 200 residents call the fishing community home.

Our lunch took place at The Old Marco Lodge Crab House, it’s the oldest building in Goodland today. Of course, it was not this large back then or when it was moved. There have been many renovations perfecting the use of this great restaurant. Built in 1869, the historic Lodge was relocated to its new home on January 4, 1965.

And if you are planning to live in Goodland, you can use a golf cart, because there,  golf carts are legal on the roads. And you will see the locals driving their golf cars all way around.
The better part of the story, we’ll let the photos tell for themselves. Look the gallery and find yourself!


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