Hamilton to compete in MotoGP?


Hamilton: “After much thought, I am making the switch to two wheels…I’d love to get my hands on a MotoGP bike”

He is a 3-time F1 World Champion and dreams to be in charge of a MotoGP bike soon.

The F1 star, Lewis Hamilton, a self-confessed MotoGP fan, recently spoke of his love for bikes in an interview published by Monster Energy after the Baku GP.

In a chat with his sponsor, he reveals what appears to be a recurring theme; an interest in having a run with a sport bike prototype.

The breaking News – The 3 times F1 Champion wants to pilot a MotoGP prototype.

Hamilton has already attended several GPs in the past, with the opportunity to enjoy the track action first hand. However, it seems that he wants to change from  “spectator”  for a pilot.

“I love bikes – I don’t really drive too much off-track, I tend to ride my MV Agusta bikes around,” explains Hamilton. “The sense of freedom you get is amazing when it’s just you and the bike. But racing one would be a whole different proposition. I’m a big fan of MotoGP; it’s just a very cool series. I would really love to get my hands on a MotoGP bike one day”.


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