Freddie “Krugger” Bertrand, have you heard about him ?


Freddie Krugger Bertrand is a the Belgian artisan that won twice the AMD Custom Bike Building World Championship. The brand Ducati has been used as basis to many Cafe racer projects around the world. But specially the sport cruiser XDiavel has proven to be the most adaptable canvas for motorcycle customizations.

His bike is named  Krugger Thiverval XDiavel, and we going to see a completely different take on a customized Ducati Diavel: 

He has twice won the AMD Custom Bike Building World Championship with this project. If you try to find something similar, you will not find. Bertrand’s project is really different of all Diavels I have seen before.

This is the original:

Freddie Diavel USA2Ride

Freddie Diavel USA2Ride

Thismodel is Roland Sands XDiavel-based custom :

And this one,  is the Ducati Diavel Draxter, totally designed by Ducati’s internal design studio:



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