Hell Angels: picking into the dark forces of motorcycling


Hell angelsSometimes we hear facts and myths.  And read something here, something there. Team USA2Ride travels a lot and talks to a lot of people, different groups, styles and of course, each one with their own background.

Everyone has something to say or knows someone that knows something about this historical group: Hells Angels.

Browsing  our shop page today, we found this book, we thought is a good read to learn a little more about this controversial group.

You can get yours here, and perhaps we can chat about it someday!

Synopsis: “A highly respected Hells Angel president. An honest, hard-working cop. Both of their lives on totally different paths until their worlds collide… “With no holds barred, Omodt and Matter rip back the curtain of seedy reality and toss you headlong into the complex relationships of biker gangs and the cops whose job it is to pursue them. The writing is graphic, truthful, revealing and explores both sides of the law-the right side, and the wrong side-with equal detail. For lovers of true crime writing this is a must-read.” – Mark Reps, author, Sheriff Zeb Hanks crime series “The story of an adversarial relationship that turned into one of the most unlikely, remarkable friendships I’ve ever been exposed to.  And, as written by the two protagonists, BREAKING THE CODE is told in the most authentic voice you’ll ever read. Beyond the true crime audience, this is a story filled with so much humanity it must be experienced by all readers.”  – Ali Selim, writer and director of the award-winning film, Sweet Land “Up until BREAKING THE CODE I knew Pat Matter to be a formidable but fair motorcycle drag racer and a competent professional as leader of Minneapolis Custom Cycle. This book fills in the blanks about the other ‘dark’ side of his life as a Hells Angel-a must-read to get the whole story.” – George B. Smith, Executive Chairman and CEO of S&S Motor Company, Viola, WI “BREAKING THE CODE takes you on a real-life crime adventure … a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Hells Angels, and what it took to take down one of their most prominent leaders.” – Tom Chorske, retired NHL player and commentator for FSN Sportti”


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