Indian Chieftain Dark Horse


The latest addition to the Polaris factory,  specifically to the Dark Horse Indian family is this badass bagger. It is powered by the Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin legendary engine. To say that it’s all black, from the front light to the tail, would be a redundancy. The Dark Horse family is all about black matte; it’s really hard to ignore this incredible presence on the streets. You can add more style at your bike with black billet floorboards, fender trim and saddlebags trim.

Or you can have more 13% HP and 7% more torque if you add the Stage 2 Performance Cams. You can, also, add more style to your Indian with some different handlebars; the Ape one or the Mid-rise one.

The legendary Indian Chief style, with unpolished and raw approach, this is the latest news from an history that had began in 1897 in Springfield, MA with George Hendee and Oscar Hedstom to where Indian Motorcycle is currently assembled in Spirit Lake, IA. Actually, everything had started when George M. Hendee founded a bicycle production company called the Hendee Manufacturing Company. The bicycles carried brand names such as Silver King, Silver Queen, and American Indian, which was shortened to simply “Indian” and became Hendee’s primary brand name. The really first Indian Indian Motorcycle was sold in 1902 to a retail customer. It had chain drive and a single-cylinder engine built by the Aurora [Illinois] Automatic Machinery Co., the company with whom Hendee and Hedstrom contracted for engine production.

And here we go!! Now, go to a Indian’s dealer and try by yourself this powerful and beautiful bike. Team USA2Ride will do the test ride too and as soon as possible we will launch the video here! We did the same with the original Dark Horse sometime ago, check it out here.


Also, save the date: visit your local Indian Motorcycle dealership on May 28th for the Dark Horse Blackout Event and check out the all-new Indian® Chieftain Dark Horse®.  You can also do a test ride with any bike and get a free limited edition Chieftain Dark Horse low ball glass.




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