Let’s help OWEN! Today you can save a life


owenEvery day we meet someone that can change our lives. And we can change the lives of others everyday. When Ed Schneider, from Team USA2Ride met Gustavo Pinna, none of them had any idea that they both could do something to save a live.

But a few minutes into a non-stop motorcycling talk, Gustavo, a well known member of the sportbike riding community in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, mentioned the story of Owen Truel. Owen was diagnosed with Scleroderma Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2006 and has since very quickly deteriorated where he is now left with about 25% of his lung capacity.

Then, Gustavo revealed his relationship with the Truel family. Melissa, Owen’s wife, is the teacher of Gustavo’s children and this motorcycle rider and his wife Charlotte are committed to help Owen. And if one biker asks, all riders should come to the rescue.PO6215489-front

Now, Owen must have a double lung transplant in order to save his life. Owen has gone through all of the preliminary testing required in order to get on the transplant list and now the only thing left to qualify him is putting together a total amount of US$10,000.00.  Melissa Teruel has organized a fund-raiser in order to help raise the money and the efforts can be found under www.booster.com/supportowen.  Melissa can also be reached directly via email at the following address: melissa_teruel@yahoo.com

The UAS2Ride Team is asking for your help. Please donate. Let’s show everyone how strong, united and committed the motorcycling community is. It’s a small gesture, a small donation. But together we can save a life.


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