Dani Pedrosa: a constant pilot from MotoGP


With the Lorenzo’s announcement, and after 13 years riding at the Repsol Honda Team, in MotoGP, Dani Pedrosa maybe will need to look for a ride elsewhere in 2019. We gonna see new chapters coming soon.

It’s the end of an era  for Dani Pedrosa with Honda Team.

The future of Dani Pedrosa, the Repsol Honda team pilot The Spaniard factory  will look for another MotoGP ride in 2019. While Honda agreed to terms with the ex Ducati rider JL#99, Pedrosa has to settle his career.  There are yet some factories to set their line-up for 2019 as well, like the Suzuki team, for exemple.

Pedrosa, 32, is a very constant rider, knows how to win and is fast enough to do it, but when there are  more MotoGP Stars in the  grid, like Valentino Rossi, Lorenzo, and his Honda teammate Marc Marquez, win a champioship becomes harder than it sounds!

He won three runner-up seasons:  2007, 2010 and 2012. In the latter two seasons, he was beaten by his eventual substitute.

The Suzuki factory can be an option, but to stay on a top-flight Japanese bike, Dani will need to improve his form. Currently, Pedrosa is the 12th in the championship standings and has gave up in half of the races that have been contested so far this season.

And at his age, Pedrosa has seen hotshot teammates win and rivals elevated above him on their way to motorcycle racing glory. Pedrosa may be the MotoGP equivalent of former Formula 1 Brazilian drivers: Rubens Barrichello or Felipe Massa.

The Brazilian are outstanding drivers, they are recognized but due to certain circumstances, they won races and fans but never championships. Dani Pedrosa is the same, he may not win a MotoGP title, but his 31 wins, 31 pole positions and 44 fast laps make him a remarkable rider and few others in the MotoGP paddock can claim the longevity of Pedrosa’s career with one team. If Honda didn’t see something special in Pedrosa, they wouldn’t have strung him along for 13 years. That has to count for something. Pedrosa may be the best rider to never win a title, and ultimately that’s fine!


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