Helmet: NEXX X.D1 Best All Around by Ride Magazine


The NEXX X.D1 has just been awarded British RiDE magazine’s prestigious Best Buy award, beating all of the other leading adventure helmets; the Arai Tour-X4, Shoei Hornet ADV, BMW GS helmet, AGV AX8, Touratech Carbon, Shark Explore R and more.

The NEXX X.D1 was considered the best all-round adventure helmet. Below are the highlights of RiDE September edition’s verdict (and enclosed the complete product test).

X.D1 VOYAGER HELMET USA2Ride“The NEXX X.D1 was the surprise of the test, from an unfamiliar Portuguese brand. The X.D1 has the best mix of the features that most riders want, making it a superb road helmet with or without the peak, capable of being quickly altered for off-road use. Huge thought has gone into it and for a feature-packed helmet.”

“Not heard of NEXX before? Join the club. But it’s a name we need to get used to, because they plainly know what they’re doing. The X.D1 has everything an adventure helmet needs, making it our favorite all-round lid in this test: a great road helmet that can also keep you comfortable and safe off-road. It works on road with the peak and even better without it, reducing drag and making it a great helmet for naked or sport bikes.”

 “There is a drop-down visor (unlike the very similar Aventuro), a sumptuous interior with quick-release cheek pads, good visor mechanism with Pinlock included and good venting. You can wear it all day on the road, the windstopper keeping out uncomfortable drafts. When you get off-road, taking the visor off is fiddly but needs no tools and you can wear goggles easily with the visor raised rather than removed (although taking it off should keep it safe from scratching). Then change the chin vent for the freer-flowing one you get in the box, pop your goggles on and go get dirty. It comes with side and top pods that have a flat surface on which to mount an action camera, more side pods to support quick-strap goggles, and the rubber chin spoiler is designed to prevent hyper extension. There is provision for a built-in communications unit.”

 “The NEXX wins because of its all-round ability, as well as its features and price.”


Quality and finish                    9/10
Visor                                       8/10
Interior                                    9/10
Venting                                   9/10
Comfort on-road                     9/10
Suitability for off-road             8/10

TOTAL                                  52/60

In “Product Test – Adventure Helmets”, RiDE, September 2015


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