NEXX X.G100 makes TOP 5 helmets by RideApart !


Nexx XG100

NEXX X.G100 USA2Ride

Maria Motorcycles by NEXX Helmets. The European brand and the new concept of a cafe racer helmet!  NEXX X.G100 makes TOP 5 helmets to consider for 2017 by RideApart !

Looking like something straight out of Mad Max – more so in this gorgeous gloss white, with red lightning bolt color scheme – the Portuguese-made Nexx XG100 Bolt is one for fans of the vintage cafe-racer style.

Ideally, you’d own some kind of scrambler or retro-styled naked to make the most of it; try and match it with a touring or sports bike and it just looks plain wrong. That said, I’d urge as many people as possible to try out this helmet simply because it’s so damn nice.


It fits my long oval head perfectly, despite its bowling ball shape; that luxurious suede lining makes the process of getting it on and off that bit easier. When it’s on, your head feels like it’s being massaged by cotton balls.

The way this helmet looks, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a pretty rudimentary lid. But, thankfully, you’d be wrong. The G100 comes with ECE, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 (a new one to me; I understand it’s Brazil-based) approval, so you know it’s passed plenty of stringent safety tests (We imagine the Brazilian test involves kicking a soccer ball at the helmet – Ed). Unusually, there’s a Double-D ring type strap;. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take this helmet on the track – a quick-release mechanism would have been better suited.

I’ll forgive this oversight, however, because the G100 is incredibly light at just 1250g, and though it doesn’t look particularly aerodynamic, I found that the shape cut the air reasonably well at speed, even with the peak installed. And the visor seals nicely against the helmet, reducing wind noise. Shock news: you could actually wear this on longish journeys. My only gripe with the visor is that with the peak installed you can only pop it open an inch, and with a heavy dark tint it’s impractical to ride with it at night.

That said, the G100 is a versatile helmet thanks to its hybrid design, so you can easily change up its looks depending on the occasion – the included peak and goggle-style dark-tint visor attach via snap fasteners, so you can go for complete open face, open with peak, or peak and visor. Or you can wear your own goggles, or sunglasses, or ride naked if you like (don’t ride naked, please).


If you don’t like the simplicity of this color scheme, the Nexx G100 comes in a range of eye-searing styles.

Weight (M): 2.75 lbs. (1250g – without accessories)

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NEXX X.G100 makes TOP 5 helmets to consider for 2017 by RideApart !
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