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Ireland is a lovely noteworthy island and like anyplace else on the planet it looks far and away superior when seen from on the back of a bike. There are miles of panoramic detours and many spots worth finding and returning to. With an under-populated scene to a great extent untouched by twentieth century industrialisation and brimming with antiquated remains and ancient destinations it’s anything but difficult to make tracks in an opposite direction from the surge of present day life and rediscover a feeling of loose immortality. You’ll discover a nation appropriate to motorcycling. A quickly enhancing street organize enables simple access to remote and disengaged zones while as yet giving a beneficial and essential ride. There are various eateries and bars in which to spend the nights and bounty choices for convenience extending from campgrounds to lavish inns.

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Your Motorcycle
Your motorcycle must be in a roadworthy condition; all lights (including indicators if fitted) must work and the horn must function correctly. Tires should have a minimum 1 mm tread depth, exhausts should not exceed 80 dB. Sidecars/combinations are legal. There is no trailer legislation as yet. Bikes with trailers rarely experience problems – though it is a legal grey area.

Rules of the Road
We drive on the left. Crash helmets are compulsory on motorcycles (but not on trikes! – though for the sake of a peaceful life, it is better to wear one than have to explain/defend your rights at the roadside to our fine Police force). Daytime lights are not compulsory but lights should be used in low visibility conditions during the day. 

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