Rossi, Márquez and Lorenzo, the stars at Las Fallas de Valencia


The controversy over Valentino Rossi at the final of 2015 MotoGP season has served as inspiration to create a “Falla” with Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez, as stars.

Rossi and Las Fallas in Valencia, land of his teammate:

The caricatures were displayed during the “Ninot” exhibition ahead of “Las Fallas Festival at Museo de Las Ciencias Principe Felipe” on last February 8, 2016 in Valencia, Spain.

The carnival will start on March 16 when this sculpture will be displayed with other caricatures, in Valencia. The Fallas festival, which runs from March 15 until March 19, celebrates the arrival of spring with fireworks, fiestas and bonfires made by those large puppets named Ninots.

Valentino Rossi as the main ninot wearing a robe and holding his helmet. He looks like a Roman centurion and he is escorted by two smaller figures representing Jorge Lorenzo, the actual Champion, with a bottle of champagne Cava and Marc Márquez, at the Rossi’s foot. Both they look like little devils, naked and red with horns in their caps and go naked, seeming some mythological icons. And, at the foot of the sculpture has written:  MotoGP Legend – Valentino Rossi, God speed.

Rossi Las Fallas USA2Ride

A little bit of the “Las Fallas” history:  It’s a week-long celebration in Valencia held every year to honor Saint Joseph, the patron saint of the carpenter’s guild.  The festival is marked with the construction of hundreds of giant wooden, cardboard, or papier-mâché sculptures, known as “Ninots”. These figurines are often satirical in nature and send up the politicians of the day. In 2016, this year, figures included Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and even Pope Francis made an appearance as a giant papier-mâché figure; and the most famous motorcycling pilots, of course.


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