Sturgis 75th Motorcycle Rally breached the 1 million people


We don’t have the official attendance numbers yet, it will take some time before we get it, but bikers and officials who’ve packed the small Black Hills town in South Dakota say it’s one of the largest rallies they’ve ever seen.

The projections for this year’s rally, which goes through Sunday, breached 1 million people — that would be a big jump from the  actual record of almost 650 thousand  people at the 60th rally in 2000. We read that the State and local officials have reported indications that this year should be bigger than the latest editions, including heavier traffic, much more vehicles and, unfortunately, more fatal accidents are registered.Traffic fatalities grew to nine on last Tuesday, compared with three during the same time period in 2014.
Sturgis police Chief Jim Bush, said “I’ll still say if not (the biggest), it’s going to be darn close to the biggest rally we ever had”. The South Dakota Department of Transportation told that the number of vehicles at weekend in the Sturgis rally was over the 40 percent higher than the same period last year.garphic sturgis

Yeah, the big Birthday Sturgis party is just happening, there are more a couple of days to count and we hope to hear more good numbers growing and the bad ones stopped.




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