Kawasaki and ICON are developing the ZX3-RR: a concept race motorcycle


The ICON ZX3-RR is a concept race motorcycle built in-house at the Portland, Oregon-based headquarters of ICON Motosports. ICON partnered with the sportbike division of Kawasaki USA to develop a spec racing platform capable of delivering the thrill of close competition, but with a minimized financial investment.

Motorcycle racing has always been an expensive hobby, and race organizations are looking to contain costs wherever possible. The ICON ZX3-RR concept is based on the proven Kawasaki Ninja 300. Though lacking the horsepower numbers of its bigger-capacity stable mates, a grid of equally-outfitted small-displacement motorcycles can generate just as much excitement for rider and spectator. More than just a design study, the ICON ZX3-RR is a very real commitment by ICON to deliver unique and engaging products, technology, and attitude to the modern rider.


Fully skinned in custom race fairings, the serious race nature of the ZX3-RR is immediately apparent. The corners are where the little Ninja really shines, and a full complement of Ohlins® R&T suspension and ContiRaceAttack™ tires take the handling to the next level. While most of the chassis remains stock to keep costs in check, ICON added a braced swingarm and high-mount subframe for increased rigidity and slightly larger ergonomics. Finally, a QuasiStinger™ Arrow® exhaust pays homage to the two-stroke race machines of a bygone era. The ICON ZX3-RR utilizes a tablet dashboard, based on the Android™ OS. Beyond the usual array of speed, tachometer, and engine monitoring, the rider can adjust fuel maps, monitor lap times, and quickly broadcast race updates to their social networks.

Text and images from http://www.rideicon.com/bikes/zx3rr/


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