The most important safety gear: Helmet


Everybody knows that the most important part of a safety motorcycle equipment is the helmet. A good one, of course. Actually there are few states in U.S., where the helmet use is not mandatory, if you have insurance and if you are older than 18, 19 or 21 years, but there is no doubts that helmets save lives. So, take a look on the map below, but use a helmet wherever you go or live!

nexxThe helmet history is very interesting! T.E. Lawrence was a important British soldier and a film was done in 1962, about his history during the WWI, called  Laurence of Arabia. Lawrence was a very famous and beloved soldier and of course, he was motorcyclist but he was not immortal and he died on a motorcycle crash because of the head injuries. The neurosurgeon , Dr. Hugh Cairns, was deeply affected by the loss of Lawrence and started  to research  ways to protect motorcyclists’ heads in this kind of accidents.

Professor C.F. Lombard, from the University of Southern California, developed a helmet that had some internal layers that had the intention to absorb and disperse the shock of impact. Then, from that time to today, the helmet technology has increase a lot. The materials, the shape, the liners, everything has been increased to became more effective.Today there are many manufacturers, each one developing more effective helmets, different types to attend specific kinds of sport, riders and, of course, levels of prices according to the materials utilized.

Let’s be safe, let’s use helmet! There so many models that can fit your head and your budget.

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