The USA2Ride Ride to Jupiter, was a blast! Outstanding!


Team USA2Ride wants to thanks all of the riders that had joined us on our ride at September 26th, 2015. We had the pleasure to start our ride from  MOTOR Café, a very cool store where you can find all gear you need to ride safely and in style. All the best brands.

We all had a special breakfast provided by Motor Café and it was a Brazilian Style breakfast: cakes, “pão de queijo” (a Brazilian little bread done with cheese), muffins, Brazilian coffee and etc. There was a detailed bike wash for who wants to have the bike shinning for the ride, and at that occasion, a special price was offered.

USA2Ride Team provided some raffles too!

Two $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to be used at MOTOR Café, for two lucky riders: Gustavo Pinna and Sofia Freile;  7Eye by Panoptx make a special rider very happy: Betty Massey! She  was the winner of a beautiful pair of sunglasses and Eaglerider Fort Lauderdale offers some Yowies (a kind of bandana) for the riders too. There were some another gifts like T-Shirts and valves color lights.

After a little briefing, where Ed explain some rules (no burnouts, wheelies and etc), we left the store at 10:00 am heading to Jupiter, where we had lunch by the water. The location was Square Grouper, a Tiki bar and restaurant, very cool. We are very proud to say that all the way by A1A to north, the group stay together, in staggered formation, respecting every polite rule and safety signs. We were in 21 bikes, many ladies riding her bikes.

A special thanks for the sport bikers that stay with us all over the way even with the heat that comes from the engine of their bikes when keeping them on slow speed. Julie knows exactly the feeling of stay in streets keeping this pace riding those bikes!

At the end, we have just to send a big hug and thanks to every rider that participated with us and off course, a special thanks to our sponsors Nexx North America, 7Eye by Panoptx, Motor Café, Touchsuite and Eaglerider Fort Lauderdale that provide  the beautiful and classic Harley-Davidson Road Glide and the stronger and muscle BMW GS1200, both 2015, that the Team USA2Ride had used on the ride.


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