They are riders, they rock, they made 2015 Migrant Toy Run an unbelievable success


2015 MIGRANT KIDS TOY RUN started at the Snapper Creek Service Plaza, Florida’s Turnpike in Miami and went to Florida City. Almost 200 riders rode there to join 260 underprivileged kids giving them toys, shoes,  and pizza, cake and much more…

Santa Klaus was there too, wearing a HD t-shirt giving joy and happiness to all kids! It was priceless. Jenny Love, Carmen Sardina, Commissioner Jose “Pepe”Diaz, all the Chrome Knights riders, and much more people were there providing toys and shows to over 200. It was a special moment to understand and appreciate  the Rene Sardina legacy.

Julie and Ed, from Team USA2Ride, had the pleasure to participate of the 2015 Migrant Toy Run last December, 13th.



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