Robbie Maddison – Pipe Dream: the road doesn’t matter


We love to say that the kind of bike doesn’t matter, it’s always about a passion. This video says everything!

A biker riding on the most beautiful road: the ocean.

It’s the biggest road of our planet, full of life, freedom and passion.

Team USA2Ride shares the same connection expressing a passion for life through riding motorcycles, but both Ed and Julie are connected with the ocean too. Ed is a surfer and Julie is a scuba diver.

In this video, the connection between the motorcycles, roads, passion, life and ocean, is made. Congratulations to Robbie Maddison and his PIPE DREAM!



  1. I would like to know if any of the Robbie Maddison Pipe Dream Prints are for sale?

    I would like to give some as Christmas Gifts 🙂


    Deb S.

    • Profile photo of Tiago Conci

      Hello Deb. These images are being shared here for viewing only and prints or any other form of distribution of these photos for commercial purposes are not available through USA2Ride.

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