A couple finds its way to safety gear


When we plan to travel by motorcycle, safety is the first thing that comes to mind. Or at least, it should be. Then, of course, there’s clothing, rain gear, teddy bear and so on.

Julie from Team USA2Ride, is a sportbike rider, so her luggage for the weekend or even for a week on the road, must fit over the tiny tail of her bike, in a small bag or in a backpack. It’s a true exercise of detachment, considering she wears the traditional leather suit to ride.

When we were visiting some bike stores and bike shops, here in South Florida, we found a nice couple who were preparing themselves for a one-day tour to the Keys: Jim and Michelle. Jim started doing the preparation as all bikers should do: checking the bike. The basic general inspection for fluids, tires, calibration, electrical parts, filters, etc.

When Michelle saw the jacket that Julie was wearing, with shoulders and elbows certified protections, she was intrigued. Julie’s gloves and full face helmet triggered the questions. Julie patiently explain in detail why she wears each piece of her intricate safety gear and she was happy to help, giving tips about what kind of equipment would suit her best and directing her to where she could find them.

The very next day, Julie’s cell phone starting popping up with messages. Messages containing photos from Jim and Michelle’s trip to the Keys. “It was so rewarding to realize that I was able to help someone find the proper gear and be protected for her trip”, says Julie.

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