You Know You’re a Biker When…


  1. Your biggest decision of the day is left or right. -Randy S.
  2. You make your bike payment before any other bills are paid. -John F.
  3. You relate more to a dog hanging its head out of a passing car than you do to humans. -James B.
  4. Your dirty clothes smell like exhaust and beer. -Ted D.
  5. You lie to your wife in order to spend more quality time with your bike. -Chris H.
  6. You know what a grasshopper feels like at 100 miles per hour. -Robert N.
  7. Your hairdryer has handlebars. -Kitten C.
  8. You have more pics of your bike than your kids and grandkids. -Peggy D.
  9. You subconsciously wave at another motorcycle and you’re in your car. -Brodie M.
  10. The wind in your hair and face makes you happier than a paycheck. -Erik O.
  11. You help more people than the government. -Jonathan B.
  12. Picking bugs out of your beard becomes part of your daily grooming ritual. -Dan C.
  13. You go down and the only thing you ask is ‘how’s my bike.’ -Margie C.
  14. You recognize your friends by the sound of their exhaust. -Brad H.
  15. You cry on the first snowfall. -Becca T.
  16. You can identify bugs by taste. -Michael S.
  17. You ride to work, and you work to ride. -Kenneth Y.
  18. Grabbing a burger takes all day. -Dan F.
  19. You use your dishwasher to clean bike parts. -Dusty R.
  20. You feel like every car is out to get you. -Kevin K.
  21. You try to throw your leg over your car seat. -Daniel N.
  22. Your worst day on your bike is better than your best day anywhere else. -Dane H.
  23. The only destinations are sunrise and sunset. -Bob J.
  24. Nothing heals like two wheels. -Janeen K.
  25. You can’t imagine your life without riding or the memories of riding. -Judson B.
  26. Someone says you have an “iron butt” and it’s a compliment. -Daniel D.
  27. You give up trying to explain to people why you ride because if they have to ask they wouldn’t understand. -Jeff T.
  28. You hate the fact that you were in front of your computer long enough to read this and not on your scoot. -Skyler M.
  29. You want to be buried with your bike because you’re not done riding yet. -Pat K.
  30. Your ass hurts… your back is killing you… you can’t feel your hands or feet… and when your buddy asks you if you want to take a break you look him straight in the eyes and say HELL NOW LET’S RIDE !!!!! -Don C.Credit: Special thanks to  BikerOrNot – Where the ride never ends and their fans who contributed to this list.


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